Goals, Aims, Objectives

The goal of SAFE is to “work towards the awareness of one’s self and growth, motivating people towards the well-being of the society and self-development, attaining the values of life in one’s self and helping to sustain the values, helping to go forward in life and attempting to create people who are socially beneficial for the society”. We believe, teach and practice MINDFULNESS.

  • SAFE is committed to integrating Mindfulness-Based Approaches in mental health, education and community. The programs comprises comprehensively, professional, affordable training and supervision pathways.
  • SAFE aims to foster a community of practitioners with the expertise to facilitate mindfulness-based programs in educational activities within the NGOs, community, work place, family and individuals.
  • SAFE is a social non profit organisation based on participatory development, collaboration, research and practice that are data .
  • SAFE aim to pioneer a new and sustainable model of community-based learning and mental health by making proven Mindfulness based approaches accessible and affordable to all.
  • SAFE’s online and on site training are interactive, experiential, collaborative, and draw on a model of participatory development, blended learning, research, practice and skills. An important part of all the courses is developing a daily personal mindfulness practice and organised placements in community, workplace, family and as an individual.
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