Operational Approach & Strategy

  • Having experienced the positive impact of a mindful lifestyle on our own lives, we feel passionate about sharing these valuable skills.
  • SAFE is for you and is nourished because of your presence.
  • SAFE’s platforms are designed to offer a wealth of insights, advice, information and knowledge. The information presented here is drawn from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy as well as several spiritual traditions. The content is a blend of both eastern wisdom traditions and western scientific prowess.
  • All training comply with established Mindfulness training standards and participants are required to develop personal practices via one-on-one to group sessions, video recordings, reflective essays, assignments, presentations and attend regular supervision/peer supervision.
  • All participants receive a certificate in Mindfulness-Based Approaches and membership in SAFE.
  • There is currently no statutory registration required to teach mindfulness-based interventions, though we observe the Guidelines for Training by our Network for Mindfulness-Based Trainers’.
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