A program that will make you understand yourself in different perspectives that will enable you to unfold things you were not aware that you have.

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Becoming Wiser

You will be educated on:

How limits and boundaries are created

Creating yourself in your comfort zone


How you experience time & how u manifest time

Creating your dream

Revising your moments and Dream before you dream

How to live a Joyful life

Step by step manifestation of 7 steps to self transformation


A lot of changes will start happening, ones you start changing your thoughts and experiencing new perspectives. How ever these are only few changes you can easily be aware of.

Will learn how to transform

You will be able to understand the steps that you need to take to transform your self to the person you dream to be.

Start living differently

You will start living more joyfully by reduced stress and loving yourself.

Relationships become meaningful

You will start to reduce conflicts and add meanings to your relationships and connections.

Physical and Mental wellbeing

Your physical & mental wellbeing will starting to improve instantly

Improving abundance

You will get more clarity on your dreams and start seeing your own steps and achievements on the journey of your transformation

Sleeps better and create new perspectives and meanings

Your will start experiencing new perspectives and give new meanings to things that you have created before. Your sleeping pattern will start improving.


Mohamed Rashid (Rado)

Mindfulness Life-Coach

He was born to a home where there was teaching and education; He was brought up in a home where a Primary School was running, his home was a boarding place for many who had completed primary education and lived along. He do not remember a day in his life where teaching and coaching never happened. For the last 35 years (since grade 7), He has been teaching, educating, coaching, training, facilitating and coordinating a vast variety of different types of educational and training programs. That includes Life-skills, Values Education, Focused Trainings, Therapies, Rehabilitation, Recovery, Adolescent & Youth Development, Parenting, Relationships, Personal & Professional Development Trainings and many more. Today, again he is teaching something so important to us, something that never thought of. That is “Mindfulness”. He teaches mindfulness in all our life aspects.

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