How to bake Ethics and Morality into Business


What should I do with my life? What kind of person should I be? How should we treat others? What makes actions right or wrong? What is good and what is bad? What should we value? How should we organize a business? Is there any reason to be moral? Is morality relative or subjective? How, if at all, can such questions be answered? Intensive introduction to theories and techniques in contemporary moral philosophy.

Who is this course for?

Management students and those who are starting their careers.

Managers, trainers, leaders and anyone else, who has completed school, and wants to get more insights and learn moral & ethical principles, and for very good reasons. Ethics & Morality is about deciding what’s the right course of action and what justifies our beliefs.

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to:

Learn human nature, perspectives, words in relation to conceptualization.

Identify and analyze right and wrong in business dealings.

Learn how to make fast ethical decisions in real-world situations.

Define Right, Wrong, Truth, Mercy & Justice.

Learn the importance of Freedom and Peace of Mind.

Learn how to move and get things done in business using pillars of enlightenment.

Learn the concept of ownership in general and in business.

Yusuf Abdulla Shunan


Founder & CEO of UtotoAI, Inc., United States.

Founder and MD of Maldicore Group Pvt Ltd, Maldives.

Member of Grand Jury and National Expert of World Summit Awards, UN.

Leading digital business analyst with more than 20 years’ of experience working in senior positions in international organizations, notably UN.

25th September, 2020 - Friday

2000 to 2200 (2 hrs)

MVR 292

Conducted in Dhivehi

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