Understanding Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neorological case that could affect a child’s success at school, as well as their relationships, due to the generous amount of energy they have within themselves to do more, and not knowing where and how to invest that energy.

Symptoms of ADHD:

Impatience, trouble waiting their turn during games with other children, or when talking.

They would have a difficult time organizing their thoughts and keeping their emotions in check.

Fidgeting could be a noticeable trait in children as they would find it hard to sit/stand still in one spot.For example, they could be squirming on the chair, playing with their fingers or moving their feet when being told to sit still, this would make it hard for them to play quietly with other kids in moments.

Having lots of energy and interests in activities , could mean that it would be hard for them to finish tasks they start and instead keep moving from one interest to the next.

They would find it hard to focus on one thing as well, which would cause the child to avoid tasks, and lead to careless mistakes. This does not mean they lack intelligence.

Another sign of ADHD in some children may include excessive daydreaming, while not being interested in the surroundings, and being quiet.

Ways To Help ADHD Children Sleep Better

Stop television time, 2hrs prior to bedtime, as the lights of the screen will make their minds more alert. Instead let them enjoy calm activities, such as coloring, drawing and reading to settle their tiny racing minds within those two hours before bedtime.

Help them sleep peacefully by keeping a fan on, for white noise, or calming music in the background. Using lavender scented aroma in the room as a bedtime ritual for calming of the mind.

Setting clear expectations and praising their good behaviors is one thing that will help the child handle each day better and do better. Eg: –

  • Reward child with praises , privileges and activities, rather than food/toys
  • Always follow through with a reward

Children with ADHD are very intelligent and creative, and will eventually find themselves friends to get along with. The journey can be hard though, as they are often victims of unfriendly teasing due to being misunderstood, or being “too intense”.

One way to help them in social interactions is, to be honest about their challenges, and to be very gentle about it too. Help them read people’s faces and body languages, and help them to access their surrounding atmosphere, the rest they can find away to handle by themselves in time, with their growth.

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