Yoga for Beginners

If you are wondering how to begin yoga here is a simple introduction to yoga for anyone who wants to begin, and want to know what it’s about and how it helps your body and mind.

Yoga has been practiced all around the world for centuries, and since then has been recognized for its various benefits and used all around the globe now. It’s the one sport in the world without any disadvantages. The only way you would get hurt while doing a pose is if you do it wrong, or if you push yourself too hard.

It is a myth that one would have to be already flexible and fit to practice yoga. No matter what type of body you have, or what medical conditions you have, there are variations of each pose for everyone, ranging from beginners, to medium, to advance level.

Benefits of yoga

Sitting at the desk for hours every working day will gradually make you slump, and this can cause back, neck, and other muscle plus joint problems. This can have you feeling tired throughout the day. Even doing a few simple yoga stretching for 10-15 minutes a day would help you have good posture and boost your energy too.

Even elders will find that frequently practicing yoga slowly makes the aches and pains disappear. This is because it improves  your flexibility. People who could not bend down and reach their toes have been able to touch it and do even poses that you never thought you could do within weeks of starting yoga.

One of the greatest pleasures of yoga is the peace of mind it gives you. Finding 15-30 minutes a day to do some yoga breathing and meditation along with some poses would calm your mind instantly and relax the stress in your muscles, making it a cure for anxiety, depression and insomnia. As you embrace these practices and embed it to your daily life your life will change profoundly in many aspects. As a yoga practitioner and a professional instructor, I have had numerous and even life changing insights as part of the process of embedding Yoga in my life.

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